Race / Ethnicity Reporting

TheU.S. Department of Education has issued new guidelines regarding raceand ethnicity collections for students in public schools for allstates. The categories used to report ethnicity and race were developedby the federal government to give a better snapshot of the ethnic andracial diversity of our nation. The re-identification of all studentsand staff is required by Federal Register Doc E7-20613. For moreinformation please visit the North Carolina Department of PublicInstruction's Web site here.

If you are interested in re-identifying your child's Ethnicity/Race, simply print and complete the Federal Ethnicity/Race Letter.  To complete the letter:

  • Fill in your child's school name, 
  • Fill in your child's name,
  • And answer both questions. (Both questions must be answered when submitting the letter.)

Then return the completed letter to your child's school.  

Ethnic Groups


Geographic_Race - Spanish

Race Ethnicity Letter

Race Ethnicity Letter - Spanish