April 17, 2014

***You may not sign up for the Ipod Touch Cart until you have completed the Ipod Touch Cart Management Training Course.***
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     Basic Guidelines (as decided by the Media and Technology Advisory Committee)
1.  You may not sign up for a month until the week before that month begins. 
2.  You may sign up for up to 2 days per week on computers or Ipod Touch Cart.
3.  Please do not sign up for the computer lab at the same time as the Ipod Touch Cart.

How to schedule the Ipod Touch Cart (30 Ipod Touches):
--> Email Mrs. Kunka or Mrs. DeLellis or complete the request form below with your desired dates, lesson plan, and technology resources needed (your requested dates are not guaranteed!).

-->Only the TEACHER may pick up and return the Ipod Touch Cart!  Teachers must ensure that the Ipod Touch Cart is secure at all times.  Please lock the cart and your classroom if you must leave your room. If you are concerned about cart security during a period of time, you may bring it back to the media center for storage. 

-->The TEACHER is the only person who may handle the Ipod Touch Cart.  Do not share the code, allow any student to plug in or unplug Ipods, and keep track of whom each Ipod is assigned to in the Student Assignment Notebook.   

 Request Form

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