May 18:  Senior Exam Exemption Process and Senior Tests/Attendance

This has been explained to your seniors, but sometimes they forget to tell you, or forget all together.  They are very excited, so we are trying to keep them organized for the remaining time.  Hopefully this will help. 

1.  Senior exam exemption forms will be available to be picked up Wednesday morning from the attendance office.

  2.  Have students write on the top of each form either ATTENDANCE or TARDIES before you sign it.

 3.  Forms are to be back in the attendance office by Friday afternoon.

4.  This is only for seniors and graduating juniors.  You should know who they are in your classes.

5. Also :  seniors  are having lots of questions about senior exams and attendance. 

Students must in be their class until the scheduled date/time of the exam.  

If their exam is not yet given and a student is not in class -they are marked absent. 

If the exam is finished or a student has exempted the exam - students are to bring a note from their parent asking for an early dismissal. Please follow the regular early dismissal procedure except that seniors must remain the entire class periods and can only get early dismissals after the bell rings to end the class.

Students are not marked absent if they exempt or  after the exam is taken IF they bring a parent-signed early dismissal. 

Seniors on campus must be with their appropriate period teacher.  Please email me  or any of the assistant principals or Susan Ward, or call and ask one of the office support folks if you need clarification.  All Weaver exam times must be adhered to first; arrange any special circumstances with Mrs. Townsend.  Most people should not have a special circumstance. 

6.  Refer to the senior end of year schedule on the school web page if you have any questions about the schedule for end of year for seniors.

7.  Almost congratulations to the parents of seniors!