1.  Thanks to all who have been supportive to students and to Ragsdale High during our recent/current issue.

2.  Open House is tomorrow, Sunday, August 23 from 2 to 5.  Upon arrival, check your name on the homeroom charts to see who your homeroom teacher and room assignment for homeroom.  The junior and senior charts are in the front commons and the freshmen and sophomore charts are in the guidance hallway.  You may park in the front or in the back (on the football field, closest to JMS side).  There is more space for parking on the back side. 

3.  Schedule adjustments.  On the homeroom charts, if your name/student's name is highlighted in pink, they have an adjusted schedule.  Pick this up at the table in the front commons before you start visiting teachers.  This only involves about 30 students.

4.  Students with IEPs or case managers may HAVE some adjustments in their schedules.  We have printed all schedules so be sure to pick up your new/most recent schedule card at the table in the front commons.  Please be sure to do this before you start visiting teachers.

5.  Note to teachers only:  there is the newest version of your schedules in the front commons.  Be sure to sign in and pick up the newest version with numbers of students listed.  There were a few changes for teachers as well.  Know that numbers of students will change each day.  You will get your class lists on Monday.

6.  Have a great weekend.

K. Rogers