Preparing Purchasing Requisitions

Section: IV – Purchasing
Page: 11 - 12
Subject: Preparing Purchase Requisitions
Effective: July 1, 2000

Purchase Requisitions

Purchase requisitions (Form AS-6) may be obtained through Courier Services. The purchase requisition is the first step in the routine purchasing cycle. It is used to specify products or services needed and delivery requirements. It is the source document from which the purchase order is prepared.

The purchase requisition should be completed by the school/department desiring to purchase goods or services. The requisition indicates quantities, description, delivery requirements, etc.. It is also used as bid documentation.

Schools and departments having access to on-line requisitioning should refer to the On-Line Manual.

Schools/departments must fill in a requisition completely and accurately. All requisitions must be typed or printed legibly in ink. Requisitions with incomplete information or requisitions which are not typed or printed legibly in ink will be returned to the ordering location by the Purchasing Department, which will delay the processing of the order.

Information Required on the Requisition Form

 1. Vendor - Enter the exact vendor name, address and zip code (or leave blank for the Purchasing Department to complete).

2. Ship To - Enter the school or department “ship to” address.

3. Date - Enter the date the requisition was prepared.

4. Code - Enter the account number to be charged.

5. Vendor No. - Leave this space blank. (It will be entered by the Purchasing Department.)

6. Federal ID No. - Enter the vendor federal tax identification number, if known.

7. Delivery Date - Enter the date items are required.

8. Item No. - Number each item requested, beginning with number one.

9. Quantity - Enter the quantity ordered in numerals.

10. Description - Enter a complete description, including commodity number, model number, color, etc.

11. Catalog No. - Enter the catalog or state certification number, if applicable.

12. GCS Stock No. - Enter the warehouse stock number, if applicable.

13. Unit Price - Enter the unit price for each item ordered.

14. Amount - Enter the extended price for all unit items ordered.

15. Subtotal - Total the amount for the items ordered.

16. Discount - Enter the discount amount, if applicable

17. Shipping - Enter the exact amount for shipping, or 15% of the order.

18. Tax - Enter 7% of the total order.

19. Total - Enter the grand total of the order.

20. Authorized Signature - The principal or department head (or other designated approval authority) must sign. Prior to approving any requisition, the principal/department head should confirm the current available balance in the account to be charged. (Facsimile and signature stamps are not permitted.)

21. Date - Enter the date the requisition was approved.

22. Department - Enter the school/department name.

23. Ind. Rea. Quotes not Documented - Leave this space blank.

24. Document - Leave this space blank.

25. School/Dept. Copy - The school/department retains the goldenrod copy before sending the form to the Purchasing Department.

Note: If an order is longer than one requisition, do not continue the order on additional requisitions. Instead, type "See attached sheet" in the description. Please send four (4) copies of all attachments along with the purchase requisition.

Distribution of Purchase Requisition

White page – Attached to blue page of purchase order Blue page – Purchasing Department numerical copy Goldenrod page – School/department copy  Canary page – Accounts Payable copy