My name is Ms. Allen, and I teach kindergarten!SchoolCenter Picture


I came from a small town called Mayberry, NC. I lived all of my childhood in this family-oriented town. I decided to go to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to receive my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. There, I took up many classes and a minor in Psychology. I graduated in 2009, and luckily, I found a great place to start my dreams as a teacher. I love children, and teaching them is a passion of mine.

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I always played sports since I could remember, especially volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading. Of course, that was when I was much younger. Now during my spare time, I love reading books and taking pictures. Occasionally, I will go see a great movie to pass some quiet time. 

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I have a very loving and supporting family. I have a growing son, who is full of energy! I have two parents, an older sister, and a niece. At family gatherings, I get to see a lot more of my family such as my dear grandparents, aunts, uncles, and many cousins. We love to have dinners together, and catch up on what we missed while each other was away.