Benefits Enrollment

Annual Enrollment Begins for State Health Plan (May 20-31, 2013)

Annual Enrollment for the State Health Plan begins on May 20th for the new plan year beginning July 1, 2013. Enrollment is online and must be completed on or before May 31, 2013. You do not need to do anything during Annual Enrollment if you are satisfied with the plan in which you are currently enrolled. Enrollment is online and late enrollment is not accepted. If you take no action, you and any covered dependents will remain on your current plan.

  • Employees are encouraged to enroll early at

    New Hire Eligibility

    You are eligible for benefits as a full time or part-time employee of Guilford County Schools. Some benefits are required while others are elective. While GCS may pay for some benefits, you must enroll in all benefits you want to participate in within thirty (30) days of your hire date. If you miss this deadline, you must wait until the next open enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying status change during the year. (See Mid-year Changes below for additional information.)


    Employee Eligibility

    Benefits eligibility is determined by position status and regular hours worked.  Permanent employees who work at least 30 hours per week are eligible to receive employer paid medical benefits and basic life insurance for themselves. Employees must enroll in the benefits to be covered.

    Dependent Eligibility

    If you are eligible to participate in the benefits offered through GCS, your eligible dependents may also participate. Proof of dependent status for newly enrolled dependents is required. Your eligible dependents include your legal spouse, and/or your unmarried children* who are:

    • less than 19 years old,
    • 19 or more years old, but less than 26 years old, enrolled in school as a full-time student and supported primarily by you, or
    • 19 or more years old and incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental or physical disability.

    *Children include children born to you, legally adopted, stepchildren who reside with the employee, children for whom you are the legal guardian, and children you support as a result of a valid court order. The following documents may be used to prove dependent status:

    • Marriage Certificate
    • Divorce Documentation
    • Birth Certificate
    • Court Documents: adoption, placement, custody, guardianship, other court order of dependent status, and other court order requiring benefit coverage

    Open Enrollment

    Open enrollment is the one time each year you have the opportunity to make changes to your benefits. You can change your plan type, as well as add or drop coverage. You may also change whom you cover on your insurance during this time. Any changes made during open enrollment must remain until the following open enrollment period, unless you have a qualifying life change event. If you do not enroll in benefit plans when you are first hired, open enrollment allows you to enroll without any qualifying event. Health insurance enrollment is completed online, while other types of insurance require enrollment forms.  These forms may be found at Forms and Handbooks.

    Waiting Period for Preexisting Conditions

    Employees or dependents not enrolling when first eligible may have a 12-month waiting period for preexisting conditions. A preexisting condition is defined as a condition, disease, illness or injury diagnosed and treated within six months prior to the effective date of coverage. Health care services determined to be related to a preexisting condition are not covered during the waiting period.

    You must complete all benefits enrollment or changes within 30 days of a family status change in order to avoid a 12-month waiting period for preexisting conditions.

    Late Enrollment

    If you do not submit your paperwork to the benefits office within the first 30 days of employment, you may not be able to enroll in any plans until open enrollment. If you have a qualifying life change event during the year, you may be allowed to enroll at that time. See “Mid-Year Changes” below for additional information. If you do enroll after your first 30 days, you may be subject to a waiting period.

    Mid-Year Changes

    The enrollment options you select will remain in effect until the end of the plan year. You will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to make changes unless you experience a qualifying change in status event, per the IRS. Qualifying change in status events include:

    • Marriage, annulment, legal separation, divorce
    • Death
    • Birth, adoption or placement of a child in foster care
    • Termination or commencement of employment of spouse
    • Change from part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time employment status by employee or spouse
    • The taking of an unpaid leave of absence by either employee or spouse
    • Child ceases to qualify as an eligible dependent due to age, student status or marriage
    • Entitlement of Medicare or Medicaid by employee, spouse or child
    • Required by court order to provide coverage for child
    • A significant change (at least $50 per month) in health premium benefits in the plan covering spouse and/or child(ren) If you have a qualifying change in status event during the year, and you want to make changes to your benefits elections, you must make your changes within  thirty (30) days of the event. Documentation is required:

      a. birth certificate;
      b. marriage certificate;
      c. COBRA notification; etc.

    The following information will help you make eligible changes: 

    • To make changes go to:
    • You must provide documentation of the qualifying change in status event. This information should be sent to the Benefits Department no later than 30 days following the qualifying change in status event.
    • Contact the Benefits Department at 370-8352 or 370-8996, if you have questions.

    Any request received after 30 days of a qualifying event or does not meet the definition of a qualifying event will not be processed.