Athletic Vacancies

(Contact Athletics Director at respective school)

Middle Schools


Contact Information

 Allen Middle  

Baseball Coach



(336)-294-7315 fax



Ferndale Middle

Wrestling Coach
Golf Coach



Deanna Butler
(336) 819-2855
(316) 885-2854 fax




 Jackson Middle

Baseball Coach
Boys Soccer Coach
Boys Track Coach
Girls Track Coach

Clarissa Johnson, AD




Kiser Middle

Boys Basketball Coach

Tenisha McQueen, AD
(336) 370-8240
(336) 370-8248 fax

Michael Crider
Assistant Principal
(336) 370-8140 (Ext. 7023)




Jackson Middle

Boys Track Coach
Girls Track Coach
Wrestling Coach
Baseball Coach

Clarissa Johnson, AD
(336) 294-7350
(336) 294-7316 fax




Lincoln Academy

Cheerleading Coach

Jerry Meusel, AD
(336) 370-3471|
Anita Stewart,







Northwest Middle

Assistant Football Coach
Cheerleading Coach
Girls Volleyball Coach
Wrestling Coach

Tony Hall, AP
(336) 605-3333
(336) 605-3325 (Fax)




Penn-Griffin School for the Arts

Head Football Coach
Assistant Football Coach
Softball Coach
Cheerleading Coach
Volleyball Coach
Boys Soccer Coach
Girls Soccer Coach
Girls Basketball Coach
Boys Basketball Coach

Elizabeth Phillips, AD
Wade Hampton, AP



Welborn Middle

Volleyball Coach

Angela Courtney
(336) 819-2880


High Schools


Contact Information


Andrews HS

Athletic Trainer
Head Women's Soccer Coach
Assistant Women'a Soccer Coach
Head Men's Soccer Coach
Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Varsity Wrestling Coach
Head Swimming Coach
Dance Team/Band Instructor

Rodney Wilds, Principal
(336)-887-5585 fax

Marc Houlihan, AP
(336)-887-5585 fax



Dudley HS


Head Varsity Baseball
Head Varsity Softball
Head Men’s Golf

Joe Godette, AD
(336) 370-8144




Eastern HS

Head Varsity Volleyball Coach
Please send resumes to

Randal Hackett, AD




Grimsley HS



Men's JV Head Soccer Coach
Men's Varsity Assistant Soccer Coach
Men's JV Head Lacrosse Coach
Men's JV Assistant lacrosse Coach
Men's Head Wrestling Coach 
Women's Assistant Lacrosse Coach
Women's JV Head Volleyball Coach
Women's JV Head Basketball Coach
Men's/Women's Assistant Track Coach 

Lewis Newman, AD
(336) 215-5728
(336) 370-8194 fax






 High Point Central HS

Head Cross Country Coach
Head Varsity Volleyball Coach

Mike Cook, AD




Northern HS

 Head Football Coach
Teaching Positions:
Multiple Social Studies
Others TBA
Accepting resumes through 4/15/2014

 Brian Thomas, AD
(336)-644-2589 fax





Northwest HS

Coaching positions for the 2013/2014 school year:
Dance Team Coach

John Hughes, AD
(336) 605-3303



Page HS

Assistant Football Coach
Men’s Soccer - Varsity Head Coach
Men’s Soccer – Varsity Assistant Coach 
Swimming - Head Coach
Volleyball - Varsity Head Coach
Country - Head Coach
 Cross Country -  Assistant Coach
Varsity Wrestling - Head Coach
JV Wrestling - Head Coach
 Varsity Softball - Head Coach
JV Softball – Head Coach
Field Hockey - Varsity Head Coach
Field Hockey- Varsity Assistant Coach
Men’s Lacrosse - Varsity Head Coach Men’s Lacrosse- Varsity Assistant Coach
Men’s Lacrosse - JV Men’s Head Coach
Women’s Lacrosse- Varsity Head Coach
Women’s Lacrosse- Varsity Assistant Coach
Assistant Athletic Trainer / First Responder
Women’s Track – Head Coach
Women’s Track – Assistant Coach

Rusty Lee, AD
(336) 370-8200




 Ragsdale HS

 Head Swimming Coach
(NC Teaching Certificate, CDL/CDL course registration required)
Cheerleading Coach JV Basketball
(NC Teaching Certificate required)

Brian Herndon, AD




Smith HS

Varsity Softball Coach
Varsity Head Coach Men's Baseball
Varsity Swimming Head Coach
Varsity Volleyball Head Coach
Varsity Men's Soccer Coach
Varsity Women's Basketball Coach
JV Volleyball Head Coach
Women's JV Basketball Coach
Athletic Trainer/First Responder

Rod McCullough, AD
(336)-669-9186 cell




Southeast HS

Women's JV Basketball Coach
Men's Tennis Coach
Men's Lacrosse Coach
Indoor Track Men/Women-Asst.Coach

Phil Scott Smith, AD




Western HS

Coaching positions for the 2012-2013
school year:
Head Cross Country
Head Women's Soccer
Head Men's/Women's Tennis
Head Men's/Women's Track (Indoor/Outdoor)
Head Men's/Women's Lacrosse
Asst. Men's/Women's Lacrosse
JV Women's Soccer
Asst. Men's/Women's Basketball
JV Men's/Women's Basketball
Asst. Wrestling
Varsity Cheer
JV Cheer

Bryan Heide, AD
(336) 316-5804
(336) 316-5813 fax