Policies and Administrative Procedures

Descriptor Term: FIELD TRIPS
Descriptor Code: IFCB-P
Date Issued: August 2, 1993
Revised: October 2, 1998
  August 27, 1997
  November 2, 2004
  December 20, 2011

Criteria for Field Trips
Teachers, principals, and administrators shall consider the following criteria in planning and approving field trips. The field trip should:

  • Relate to a particular aspect of the ongoing classroom instruction and the standard curriculum of the school system.
  • Afford a meaningful learning experience which cannot be provided in the school setting.
  • Provide activities suitable to the age level of the students.
  • Be reasonable in terms of length of trip, duration, distance traveled, and cost.
  • Provide assurances that no student is denied the opportunity to participate because of an inability to pay expenses associated with the cost of the field trip.
  • Provide for inclusion of children with disabilities.

Written Permission
Because the safety of students is a primary consideration in the approval of and carrying out of field trips, students must have the written permission of their parents for their participation in each specific field trip.

Student Conduct
The policies, rules, and regulations, which the Guilford County Schools or any of its individual schools have adopted concerning student conduct, are applicable while students are participating in field trips.

The sponsoring teacher must hold a preliminary conference with the building principal(s) and secure the principal(s)' tentative approval before conducting any discussions with students/parents regarding the proposed field trip.

  • All field trips within the state, except overnight field trips, must be approved by the school principal(s).
  • Prior to any notice to students, parents, or the community, overnight and/or out-of-state field trips must have the initial approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee. Final approval must be obtained from the Superintendent or his/her designee at least one (1) month in advance of the date of the trip.

Absences and Make-Up Work
Participation in an approved field trips shall be considered an excused absence from any class missed and the student shall be entitled to make up his/her work; however, while on an approved school field trip, the student shall be counted as present at school. Prior to any field trip, arrangements shall be made by the principal and the staff for students to make up any work missed in other classes. Additionally, no student's grade shall be lowered if the parents do not consent for the student to go on the field trip.

The principal must make certain that adequate supervision is provided for all field trips. At least two (2) adults are required per class for a trip. In addition to teachers, parents can fulfill this minimum supervision requirement. There shall be no swimming or other water sport activities unless a certified lifeguard is on duty and there is sufficient adult supervision.

Children with Disabilities/Special Needs
Consideration will be made for children with disabilities or special needs, prior to the field trips. If there are children with special needs the teacher will identify the special need(s) and notify the principal of the special need(s) at the time the field trip application is submitted to the principal. The principal, or his designee (hereafter termed principal), will make the necessary arrangement for the student with special needs. The principal will determine by telephone or letter during this time if the destination has the accommodations to satisfy the requirements for the student with disabilities/special needs The principal should determine if specialized transportation is needed and arrange for specialized transportation. The specialized transportation should be confirmed a minimum of three weeks prior to the field trip.

If the destination that the teacher intends to travel does not accommodate the child with a disability/special needs, the principal should consult in the Access North Carolina book or other such field trip resource references to identify a similar field trip that is accessible to all.

Medication taken by a student during the school day should also be administered by a school employee to the student when away from school on a field trip. Precautions must be taken to ensure that storage of the medication is secure and the appropriate dosage is given. A copy of the Medication Authorization form signed by the parent and the medical provider will be taken on the field trip. If the field trip extends to times of day when the student receives medication outside the school day and existing form, a special Medication Authorization form must be completed for that particular instance and trip.

The timeline for arranging field trips including choosing a destination should begin as early as possible, or generally 45 to 60 days prior to the field trip. Transportation arrangements for students with special needs should be made at least three (3) weeks prior to the field trip.



SCHOOL: __________________________________________________________
A field trip has been planned that will serve as an enrichment experience for those students participating. The trip will serve as a preparatory/follow-up activity to enrich a regularly scheduled part of the instructional program. Students will not be allowed to make the trip unless parental permission is granted.
The school system is responsible for students based on the laws of the state of North Carolina. In the event that an accident happens, medical assistance should be sought immediately. The parent will be contacted, and medical charges will be assigned to the parent or guardian.
The behavior of our students as it relates to a field trip is of critical importance. Students are always expected to be on their best behavior. Regrettably, inappropriate behavior can result in disciplinary action, including in extreme cases being returned home separately at the parent's expense.
The following details are provided for your information:

SUPERVISING TEACHERS: __________________________________________________________________
DEPARTURE DATE: __________________________________TIME: _________
RETURN TO SCHOOL: ________________________________TIME: _________
METHOD OF TRANSPORTATION: _____________________________________
OTHER: ____________________________________________________________

OTHER MONIES NEEDED: ______________________________________ADMISSION, ETC.)
ARRANGEMENT FOR MEALS: ________________________________________
PARENTS: Please retain the top part of this form for your reference and information. (Complete the information below, cut along the dotted line, and return the bottom of this sheet to the school by______________________________.)


Destination: ____________________________
Teacher: ______________________________
I hereby certify that (student's name)
__________________________________________ has permission to participate in the field trip according to the policies and provisions as stated above. In the event of an accident or medical emergency, I authorize the supervising teachers to seek medical assistance, and I will assume responsibility for all expenses.
I authorize the following regarding medications. Initial those applicable:
____ none to be taken.
____ authorized per existing "Authorization of Medication for a Student at School" form.
____ authorized per the attached special authorization form (submit the "Authorization of
Medication … " form found at Procedure JGCD-P to include medicines beyond the
normal school day during this trip).
Parent Signature: ____________________________________________________
Phone Number:______________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Date of Student's Birth: ________________________________________________
Doctor's Name: ______________________________ Phone Number: ___________
Name of Insurance Company: ___________________________________________
Policy Number: ______________________________________________________
If parent cannot be located in the event of an emergency, contact:
Name: _____________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________Date: ______________



In compliance with federal laws, Guilford County Schools administers all educational programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimination because of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, color, age, military service, disability or gender, except where exemption is appropriate and allowed by law. Refer to the Board of Education's Discrimination Free Environment Policy AC for a complete statement. Inquiries or complaints should be directed to the Guilford County Schools Compliance Officer, 120 Franklin Boulevard, Greensboro, NC 27401; 336.370.2323.

All Guilford County Schools facilities, both educational and athletic, are tobacco-free learning environments.