e6 Learning Lab

e6 Learning Lab computer stations

The e6 Learning Lab hosts training for Guilford County School's employees. The lab serves as a professional development hub for specialists, coaches, administrators,
facilitators, and teachers in the area of instructional technology integration.

e6 learners:

  • Explore using the most current technologies effectively to enhance instruction of curricular objectives
  • Explain by collecting data concerning real-world issues and by using critical thinking and problem-solving skills to suggest solutions
  • Exhibit new knowledge gained by making informed instructional decisions and sharing them with others
  • Engage in an active, content-specific, multisensory, 21st century learning environment
  • Exchange ideas of technology integration with others in and outside of the lab in order to enhance instruction
  • Empower others to use technology effectively by creating a proactive plan of action from subject specific teaching and learning sessions

e6 Learning Resources:

Strategic Plan: Area VII
P21 Framework

Training Schedules