Policies and Administrative Procedures

Descriptor Code: KF-P
Date Issued:May 9, 2005
to be effective 7/1/05

It is the decision of the principal and athletic director of each school as to the selection and approval of volunteer coaches. Volunteer coaches must yearly fill in form GBDCA-Request To Check Criminal Background On Volunteer and be approved by Human Resources before being allowed to serve as a volunteer coach that school year.

By signing form GBDCA the prospective volunteer coach not only allows the Guilford County Schools to perform a criminal record check but also signs the compliance statement found on form GBDCA committing him/herself to abide by all applicable laws, policies, procedures and regulations: federal, state and local including, but not limited to, our district and the North Carolina Athletic Association.

This procedure will be reviewed with middle and high school athletic directors by the Guilford County Schools Athletic Director prior to the start of each school year.

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