Policies and Administrative Procedures

Descriptor Code: KG
Draft Date: 
Adopted by the Board:November 1, 2002
Revised:September 13, 2007

Purpose of Public School Facilities

The primary purpose of public school facilities is to provide a quality educational environment for teaching and learning.  The Guilford County School System supports the use of public school facilities for civic, cultural, educational, recreational or other use outside the school day provided these activities meet federal and state law, and appropriate local ordinances.  Further, those using public school facilities must provide required documentation regarding insurance coverage; individual or group responsible for supervision of activity; current contact information; a list of all personnel to be present on site; and certification of criminal records check prior to the approval of the facility.  Finally, provision must be made for the proper care and maintenance of the school facility.

Reasonable Requests for Use

All reasonable requests to use the school facilities should be approved.  However, requests may be denied for any of the following reasons:

  1. The facilities are not available on the date(s) or at the time(s).
  2. The application is incomplete or inaccurate.
  3. The fee is not paid in advance.
  4. During a previous use, the applicant violated the rules governing the use of school facilities as set forth in this procedure.
  5. On a previous occasion, the applicant failed to pay the required use fee.
  6. The activity, in the opinion of school officials, would cause or be substantially likely to cause damage to school property.  (For example, playing fields should not be used during inclement weather or when their use will render their conditions damaged for school purposes.)

The superintendent is instructed to develop procedures that will ensure that this policy is implemented throughout the school system.

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