Policies and Administrative Procedures

Descriptor Code: KI-P
Draft Date:June 26, 2007
Date Issued by the Superintendent:October 5, 2007

Display and Distribution of Informational Materials and Announcements


To provide guidelines for approval of informational materials and announcements for distribution or display in order to maintain a limited non-public forum.  This regulation is intended to govern all displays and distributions of information including but not limited to information sent home with students, information on community display tables or bulletin boards, and information made available at Back-to-School nights, Open Houses or other such events.


A. Criteria for Display or Distribution

Informational materials and announcements from the following organizations may be approved for display or for distribution directly to students:

  1. Guilford County Schools
  2. agencies/departments within the county, state or federal government
  3. parent-teacher associations/organizations and;
  4. community sports or non-profit youth activities

Only information materials and announcements sponsored and endorsed by the above listed organizations, and identifying one of the above listed organizations on the document, may be approved for distribution directly to students.

B. Criteria for Display Only

Informational materials or announcements from any other organization may be approved for display only (not for distribution directly to students) if the activity or event primarily concerns one of the following topics:

  1. Educational services directly related to the school system's instructional program, such as test preparation courses and enrichment courses;
  2. Student health, safety or welfare;

C. Approval Process

Whenever an organization seeks to display or distribute informational materials or announcements, the organization must provide the appropriate GCS official, as set forth in Policy KI, with a copy of the material or announcement sought to be displayed or distributed along with a written request specifying the type (display or distribution) and scope of dissemination sought at least 15 school days prior to the proposed display or distribution.

    1. Display or Distribution System-wide

A. When an organization that satisfies the requirements above seeks to have informational materials or announcements displayed or distributed system wide or to multiple schools, written approval must be obtained from GCS Communications/District Relations Office by contacting 370-8355 or faxing your request to 574-3863 or mailing your request to Guilford County Schools, District Relations Office, 712 N. Eugene Street, Greensboro, NC 27401.

  1. Individual School Display or Distribution

    A. When an organization seeks to have informational materials or announcements displayed or distributed at an individual school, written approval must be obtained from the school principal. These materials must meet the criteria stated in II A or B.

D. Withdrawal of Approval

If the Superintendent or his/her designee determines that the display or distribution of informational material from any source would undermine the intent of Policy KI, or could reasonably be predicted to cause substantial disruption of, or material interference with, school activities, such approval may be withdrawn.

E. Display and Distribution

Principals are notified of informational materials and announcements that have been approved for system-wide distribution or display either via email or a printed memo that will accompany materials to schools.  Informational materials and announcements approved for display may be made available to students and parents in any area of the school so designated by the principal where students and/or parents may take copies of the informational materials or announcements if they wish.


A. Labeling Materials

All non-Guilford County Schools materials must be individually labeled with the following statement:

"The following materials/statements/programs are not endorsed by GCS nor do they represent the district's position or policy."

If materials are not properly labeled, they will not be approved for distribution or display.

B. Distribution of Materials to Students

When an organization/agency is approved for distribution to schools, it is the responsibility of the organization to bundle the materials.  The organization will be provided the number of students per classroom teacher at each school.  Each organization will then bundle the materials by school and by individual classroom(s) within the school.

C. For Posting to Students or Faculty

The school will designate a place for display or student materials and a place for displaying employee materials.  When an organization/agency is approved to display materials at the school or central office, the organization will deliver the appropriate number of materials per site.  Those materials will be available for display for 10 days unless otherwise approved by the principal or the superintendent's designee.

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