Policies and Administrative Procedures

Descriptor Code: KN
Presented to the Board:June 29, 2009 (First Reading)
 March 10, 2009 (Second Reading)
Adopted by the Board:March 10, 2009

The Board is committed to the safety of students, employees and other persons on school property. In order to create and maintain a safe school environment, the Board directs the Superintendent to establish procedures consistent with the following principles for registered sex offenders "Registrants" as defined by N.C.G.S. 14-208.18:

1. Each person in the school community as a parent, guardian or other person who intends to participate in any way on a school campus and who is a "Registrant" is required to notify the principal at the applicable school. Information about the time, date and nature of the offense resulting in the registration pursuant to the Act shall be presented to the Principal for consideration of the "Registrant's" access to campus. The Principal shall forward the "Registrant's" information to the District Safety Officer who will bring the request to a Committee established by the Superintendent for a recommendation. The District Safety Officer will notify the "Registrant" in writing of the conditions upon which the "Registrant" can be on campus.

2. Voters who are subject to the Act may be present on school property for the sole purpose of voting during non school hours, if the school property is being used as a polling place. The voter must notify the principal of the school that he or she will be on campus and must be supervised at all times while on campus if students are on campus.

3. Parents and guardians who are subject to this policy may be present on campus only after the following:

a. Providing written notice to the Principal of his or her registration on the Sex Offender Registry and after requesting a specific time, date and purpose for the visit;
b. Obtaining approval in writing by the Committee to visit the school, subject to the conditions and restrictions for safety and supervision outlined by the Committee.
c. The "Registrant" may be approved to be on campus:

i. To attend a conference at the school with school personnel to discuss the child's academic or social programs; or
ii. At the request of the principal, for any reason relating to the welfare of the child.

4. All Contractors who provide services to the Guilford County Schools must certify to the Schools that they have reviewed all of their employees who will be on campuses of GCS for any reason and none of the providers appear on any sex offender registry. This certification must be renewed annually and provided to GCS. Each contract will contain the requirements as stated herein.

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