ACT Information


During the 2011-2012 school year, all 11th grade students will be required to take the ACT.  It will be offered free of charge and will be administered during the school day.  Students with disabilities will take the ACT during a testing window which will occur between March 6 and March 20, 2012.  The exact date(s) of testing will depend on the unique needs of the student as well as any accommodations that are approved or allowed. 

What is the ACT?

What can parents expect in the months ahead?

  • Parents, caregivers, and/or guardians of students with disabilities in Guilford County will be contacted by their child's EC case manager to schedule an informal meeting to be held either in person or via a telephone call.

What will happen at this meeting?

  • The EC Case Manager will answer any questions you have about the ACT and give you information about the options your child may have for taking the ACT.

What options will my child have?

  • Your child may have the option to take the ACT in one of the following ways:
    • with ACT-Approved Accommodations;
    • with State-Allowed Accommodations; or
    • with no accommodations at all.

What is the difference between ACT-Approved and State-Allowed Accommodations?

  • ACT-Approved Accommodations result in scores that are reportable to colleges and can be used for NCAA eligibility determination.
  • State-Allowed Accommodations result in ACT scores that are NOT college reportable and CANNOT be used for NCAA eligibility determination.  These are simply the accommodations the child has in his/her IEP.

How can my child get ACT-Approved Accommodations?

  • If you decide you would like your child to take the ACT with ACT-Approved Accommodations, then the EC case manager will complete an Application for ACT-Approved Test Accommodations, which you will have to sign.
  • The EC case manager will then gather all data supporting the need for the requested accommodations so that it can be sent in to ACT for review and approval.

Will my child receive all ACT-Approved Accommodations requested on the application?

  • ACT may deny some accommodations if the documentation submitted does not justify their need.

What will happen if my child's requested accommodations are denied by ACT?

  • There is an appeals process.  So, the school may have the option to submit additional information to support the need for any accommodations that were denied. 
  • If denied ACT-Approved Accommodations, your child can still use the State-Allowed Accommodations specified in his/her IEP.  However, those scores cannot be used for college entrance decisions or NCAA eligibility determination.

Please know the Exceptional Children staff will assist you and your 11th grade child during this process. For more information about the ACT visit the ACT website or review the ACT fact sheet.