Guilford County Board of Education

Guilford County Board of Education
Regular Meeting
January 27, 2011


Members, Board of Education


Maurice O. Green, Superintendent
Andrew LaRowe, Chief Operations Officer


January 24, 2011


Contractual Agreement with Central Builders Inc. for the English Building Renovations at Dudley High School

The 2008 School Construction Bond Program includes the renovation of the English Building at Dudley High School to provide additional capacity of 100 students.

Bids were received on December 14, 2010, for the English Building renovations at Dudley High School.  Attached is a bid tabulation of the ten (10) bids received.

Central Builders Inc. submitted the lowest responsible, responsive bid of $1,580,000. The construction budget for this project is $2,480,667.  The MWBE participation for this contract is 13.58%.  Of that amount, 6.01% is MBE and 7.56% is WBE participation.

At the January 13, 2011 board of education meeting, the board requested staff to bring the recommendation for contract award back to the board on January 27, 2011.

RECOMMENDATION:  Subject to the board’s discussion related to the 2008 Bond Construction Program, the administration recommends awarding a contract to Central Builders Inc. for the English Building Renovation project at Dudley High School in the amount of $1,580,000.