Guilford County Board of Education

Guilford County Board of Education
Fall Retreat
October 2, 2010


Members, Board of Education


Beth L. Folger, Chief Academic Officer
Gongshu Zhang, Chief Accountability and Research Officer
Barbara Zwadyk, Chief Officer of Curriculum and Organizational Development
Jocelyn Becoats, Executive Director K-8 Curriculum
Todd Cayton, Literacy Coordinator


October 2, 2010


Literacy Plan Update

At the Fall Retreat 2010, Academic Services and Accountability and Research staff will provide a Guilford County Schools (GCS) literacy update that includes a review of the district’s literacy goals, current levels of achievement, planned strategies for improvement, and strategies for monitoring and support.

The presentation will emphasize Balanced Literacy as the foundation of an effective reading program and the urgent need for high quality professional development for teachers and administrators to implement Balanced Literacy with fidelity.  Additional improvement strategies will be highlighted, as well as the professional development plan and the three-year literacy plan.

Dr. Gongshu Zhang will share the results from his rigorous evaluations of two current GCS reading intervention programs: READ 180 and Academic Edge.

In summary, staff will present an extensive report on the state of literacy in GCS, strategies for improvement, and the plan for comprehensive monitoring and high quality support.