AG Services Grades 3-5

Academically Gifted Services


Third Grade Whole Group Lessons

During the first semester of third grade, all students in Guilford County Schools receive instruction from the AG teacher on critical thinking skills, vocabulary development, and Habits of Mind for successful learners. The thirty minute lessons are taught weekly by the AG teacher in the regular classroom while the classroom teacher reflects on gifted characteristics that are observable in his/her students.   

 AG Service Grades 3-5

Once students become eligible for AG services in reading and/or math students begin service as soon as the parent or guardian signs the Differentiated Education Plan (DEP). The DEP gives the AG teacher permission to serve the student in a pull-out enrichment program for 90 minutes weekly in each subject of eligibility. AG students are served in a small group setting, usually less than 20 students, by the AG teacher that is assigned to the elementary school.  The AG teacher must hold state licensure to teach AG students.

AG Curriculum

The AG curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards and the Guilford County Schools Pacing Guide.  The units enrich and extend the curriculum taught in the regular classroom in grades 3-5.