Guilford County Board of Education

Guilford County Board of Education
Regular Meeting
April 3, 2012


Members, Board of Education


Maurice O. Green, Superintendent
Andrew LaRowe, Chief Operations Officer


March 30, 2012


Update on Shadybrook Road Property

In November 2011, the City of High Point expressed interest in acquiring 9.8 acres of vacant property owned by Guilford County Schools located at 301- 305 Shadybrook Road, situated on the southwest corner of Shadybrook Road and School Park Road.  The property is located adjacent to the City of High Point’s Miracle League Athletic Complex. 

The property was previously purchased by the City of High Point and traded for property owned by Guilford County Schools in the area used to develop the Miracle League Field, playground, restroom/concession building, soccer fields, parking lot and other amenities. 

The board approved the exchange of property near the close of 2005.  Documents from that period of time reflect GCS’s intent to consider putting a middle school on the property in the future.  The agreement between GCS and the City of High Point also provides access and use to the Miracle League Athletic Complex and all of its facilities and fields at no cost to GCS.

At the board’s January 26, 2012 meeting, staff presented information regarding the City of High Point’s intended use for this property, as well as potential future use of this property by GCS. Staff was directed to continue discussions with the City of High Point. Since that time staff has met with the City of High Point several times and further explored the city’s needs as well as future use of the property by GCS. 

Discussions have focused on the possibility of selling the property to the City of High Point, potential for a land swap, possibility of a shared use agreement (fleet maintenance facility/athletic fields), and the City’s need for parking and funding sources for land purchase and construction. 
The City is looking for parking areas to be located on the GCS property to provide additional area for Miracle Field parking and for additional parking for the soccer fields built on the south side of the High Point site. 

GCS staff examined High Point owned properties adjacent to schools for a potential shared use or land swap.  One of the properties considered is located across the street from Union Hill Elementary School on 3524 Triangle Lake Road which is adjacent to the City Services Maintenance Shop.  There were several discussions around joint use of this property as a maintenance complex, bus storage, or fueling site.  Issues regarding size of the unused portion and its topography determined that it would be unsuitable for the desired purpose.  The City offered GCS a ten acre site located at 3407-3413 Dillon Road.  GCS conducted a site visit and evaluated the site for use as a possible bus garage or maintenance facility. This property has a $79,900 tax assessed value.  Potential rezoning of this property may be problematic due to its proximity to surrounding residential development.

GCS staff discussed the possibility of retaining ownership of the Shadybrook property with a plan to develop it as a multi-purpose field with fencing, bleachers, lighting, etc. as recommended by Leigh Hebbard. GCS would use the fields as alternate practice locations and through a shared use agreement; the City of High Point could have use of the fields when not scheduled for school use.  Parking lots and other support facilities could be constructed on the site by either party and used jointly.  GCS could also allow the City of High Point to use the parking area directly west of Simeon Stadium when use is not scheduled for GCS events.  The possibility of the City of High Point maintaining the multi-purpose fields was suggested due to the field maintenance program already established by the City. The City prepared a draft rendering of the potential development of the GCS Shadybrook property showing multi-purpose fields and parking on the GCS property.