Strategic Plan 2012


The plan includes strategies designed to boost student achievement, increase parental and community involvement, improve district service, increase the teacher retention rate and improve school safety and discipline.

The plan is based in part on the input of nearly 4,000 parents, students, employees and community members who sent in comments and suggestions through the "Mo Wants to Know" campaign. Information captured through the campaign and the superintendent's listening and learning tour, along with the Board of Education's mission and core values, guided the development of the strategic plan.

This plan is divided into eight key areas: improving academic achievement; supportive parent and community involvement; strategic human resource management; respectful and responsive service; safe schools and character development; optimal operations; transformational technology; and, clear baseline and equitable standards. The focus on these areas will give GCS an opportunity to do what no other school district in the country has accomplished: achieve educational excellence for every child in every school.

Implementation Strategies


Area I

Improving Academic Achievement

Area II

Supportive Family & Community Involvement

Area III

Strategic Human Resource Management

Area IV

Respectful & Responsive Service

Area V

Safe Schools & Character Development

Area VI

Optimal Operations

Area VII

Transformational Technology


Clear Baseline & Equitable Standards


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