Occupational Course of Study

Ragsdale High School

"Preparing Students to be Competent Dependable Employees"

"Students hard at work giving back to their community"


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OCS?

--The OCS is one of the pathways to earn a high school diploma.

Who is considered for OCS?

--Students being served in the Exceptional Children's Program

--Students who have a post-school outcome goal for employment after graduation

--Students whose post-school needs are NOT being met by the NC Standard Course of Study AND who wish to pursue a course of study that provides functional academics and hands-on vocational training.


Requirements of OCS

--4 credits: Occupational English (English I-IV)

--3 credits: Occupational Math (Intro to Math & Algebra)

--2 credits: Occupational Science (Applied Science & Biology)

--2 credits: Occupational Social Studies (American History & Self-Advocacy)

--6 credits: Occupational Preparation (Occ Prep I-IV, Career Training)

  *300 hours school-based training

  *240 hours community-based training

  *360 hours competitive paid employment

--1 credit: Health/PE

--4 credits: Career/Technical Education

--Career Portfolio