April 23, 2014

Information about the Early/Middle College at GTCC Jamestown

The Early/Middle College currently has 135 high school students.  Once students have successfully passed the GTCC Compass test/PLAN/PSAT and met academic and attendance criteria, they can begin taking college classes.  Our students typically take one or more college classes per semester.  



We are a four to a five year program.  Students staying a fifth year do so in order to complete their associate's degree at GTCC Jamestown.    



During the spring 2012 semester we had over 100 students enrolled in college classes, taking 196 separate college classes equaling 1162 total credit hours.  93% of the students taking college classes received a C or better as their final grade. 



In 2012, our students received a 100% passing rate on the Algebra I EOC, 93% passing rate on the English 9 EOC, and an 88% passing rate on the Biology EOC. 


For the 2011-12 school year, the Early Middle College earned the distinction of being a Honor School of Excellence.  This award is given by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.